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Rapids River Trekking

Price 1 Day
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Rapids River Trekking

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River trekking is a combination of trekking and climbing and sometimes swimming along the river. It involves particular techniques like, climbing on wet surfaces, understanding the geographical features of river and valleys, finding out possible exits from the river is a learning process. Sagana and Mathioya rivers offers perfect place for this type of river activity. Many rivers in Kenya have very unique features but are not safe from the reptiles or the Hippos. This part of Sagana popular for rafting,Camping and kayaking offers one of the best places for this type of activity which almost gurantee  river safety.
We classify this activity into two types:
Amatuer river trekking
Folk who are zelious can achieve the same. It raises adrenaline rush.Previous experience is  not a must.Its  good for organized groups, corporate or even schools in Kenya. For amateurs its can cover a distance of up to 300m. Folks who come for day picnic or camping can also can participate.

Professional river trekking
We advocate for previous experience to achieve the activity goal.Start from the Rapids falls, go past the Sagana glides, angels bowl down the stress free and Mens bathroom. The expedition doesn’t stop at the mens bathroom,goes further down stream to the fathers valley. This time as you go down the fathers valley. Two safety kayak guides are at the look out  head of you  or you team to survey the river and scare a small river lizards. The river will take you down the mothers rapids. This event can cover up to 2km. For both the activities a waiver form will be signed before commencement.

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1 Day
5+ Age
  • Destination
  • Departure Time
    Please arrive by 10:15 AM.
  • Dress Code
    Casual. Comfortable athletic clothing, hiking shoes
  • Included
    Activity Facilitators
    Buffet Lunch
    Free Transport
  • Not Included
    Barbecue Lunch
    Complementary Tea
    Free Conference Hall
    Tent accommodation

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