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Rapids Camp Sagana

Kids cooking program

Does your child spend their free time pulling ingredients out of the pantry? Do they beg to watch Chopped Jr., and try to make all the recipes on their own? Do they know their way around the kitchen like the back of their hand? Then your child might be the perfect candidate for our Culinary Kids Advanced Cooking Class!

The Kids Cooking Program focuses on students of ages ten and up will learn under the instruction of home cooks, restaurateurs, and a professional chef! kids will practice professional food preparation and master the detailed skills and techniques used by our chefs.

A true melting pot of culinary cultures and heritage has resulted in African cuisine as we know it. An eclectic mix of traditional cuisine from far off lands that have been popularized and given a new identity, all now proudly  African.

Our kitchen team has collected and refined the very best of classic Kenyan recipes. If you want to learn how to make the best African dishes this course is for you. If you are curious about the cultural food and its techniques and flavors, our chefs will take you on a journey through different recipes.

Don’t let your idle around at, this the perfect chance for them to be engaged on holiday or weekend gateways. For interested parties, you are needed to book with us at Rapids camp for local food and cuisine techniques for 3 days and 2 nights at a cost of sh9000 per child. Don’t miss out on this perfect opportunity where we train the kids to be future chefs, put them engaged, enjoy themselves, and above all learn on how to cook while socializing among themselves come one come all and we all learn together on how to make special diets.

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