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Rapids Camp Sagana

Holiday adventure is life style

Many people struggle with what holiday concept or tactic they would like to use to make members of their family happy during special times like festivities. But one thing in the minds of each holiday planner is getting much out of spending less in terms of money. This is a big question to many revelers all over the world, from finding cheap air tickets affordable holiday apartments or even hotels. Many options and tour concepts are available in the tour markets. Let me give some tips that can guide in before you make choices for your next holiday tour.

Budget is key? Many holiday makers end up spending more that their budgets can allow ending to frustrations! This happens due to lack of proper information before the tour trip. This can happen because of lack of due diligence in information  ahead of your pre-planned trip. My advice is to look at many options before you commit! I have realised that adventure tour packages have now become popular in the world than hotel bookings. This industry of tourism is growing very fast because revelers have become deliberate in seeking info ahead of their tour trips. This saves money and time because booking agents commit to carry your burden of finding a place . Adventures in one package price. You pay once and you don’t need to keep paying small bills which became big like what you find in many hotels. Holidaymakers complain of over spending in hotels because the hotel doesn’t prepare them for the unforeseen bills. Off-course they say there are in business .

They want your hard earned cash.? Adventure packages like camping, rafting or boating in Kenya can end up being very affordable. Big hotels with big names do not necessarily mean a big happy holiday. Let me give a comparison here. A simple camping trip can save you a fortune? One advantage is their is no hidden charges which makes you to save money. You can cook your food or you can prepare meals which is the most affordable way outside your house life. In hotels you can pay a fortune and end up not enjoying your meals. Simple camping trip ends up to be very affordable and you can take advantage of the cost effective tips and extend the number of days for your holiday due to low overheads. E.g In Kenya a two day holiday trip can sometime be very expensive if you are not careful. Camping option  with a white water rafting trips in Kenya can be memorable and affordable, than payment of a big fortune in a hotel or a getaway. Always remember camping trip isn’t weakness compared to a fancy hotel .For example they are good places for camping in Kenya, like Rapids Camp Sagana. Rapids Camp Sagana is a perfect example where we have 23 adrenaline pumping activities like white water rafting, team building, nature walks, rock climbing, tubing, archery, zip lining, bungee jumping and hikings all under one location in Sagana Kenya. Try camping which equals a hotel in Kenya  and can be more satisfying like any tour product .Remember adventure is a concept and Rapids Camp, Sagana is a perfect boutique getaway just an hour away from CBD Nairobi.!

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