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Rapids Camp Sagana

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In the recent times, we have seen the number of resorts double atleast in the last 10 years in Kenya. In Kenya eat out joints popularly known as ‘Nyama Choma joints ‘or baberques have increased in a big way. Restaurants and this types of arrangements are many in Kenya. Adventure providers like us are very few , compared to other outfits because of the level of quality of investment you put in such business. Quality training is key to staff, water rescue technics, first aid courses, emergency evacuation exercises, quality food and many more. Like Rapids Camp and other adventure providers continue to provide quality outdoor activities to both local  and non residents. Our services targets schools in Kenya, or even corporates is First Class! Rapids Camp, Sagana uses the British Canoe and International Canoe federation certifications. Our Adventure programs in Kenya are very unique in nature, like bungee, rafting ,the plunge, ziplining ,Canoeing, rock climbing among many.

Book with us today, Our facilities are top-notch and classic and we are the only Gold Star Award Winning Camp Site in Kenya.

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