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Rapids Camp Sagana

Bungee Jumping Sagana, Kenya

Until you have climbed up the 60 meter steel structure with the sole intention of jumping off its edge and down towards the torrential Rapids Camp, then you cannot quite call yourself an adrenaline junkie! As you climb up to bungee, the wind blows against you as if in a torment to measure your determination to jump. 220 steps later, you are at the top and in the jump cage. Your view below is that of  Tana River and the farm lands on its banks. Observing the highest standards of safety your upper body is harnessed and an elastic chord is tied around your feet. As soon as you assume the ‘Jesus position’, you are ready to bungee!  3,2, 1… and off you leap! Some say they feel their heart float, while others say they feel it in their mouths during the free fall until the bungee rope kicks in.

The thrill comes as much from the free-falling as from the rebounds and gives you a totally exhilarating feeling. We encourage families, or folks that have the zeal of doing extra-ordinary activities in Sagana. These activities can be selected as part of the team corporate building fun in Sagana, Kenya.

Bungee folks in Kenya can still enjoy an overnight camping and combined with bush dinner. Bungee jumping in Kenya is not only popular for adrenaline junkies but even families that are looking for extra ordinary activities only available in Sagana , the leading adventure and bonding spot in Kenya

It isn’t how much time you spend somewhere that makes it memorable: it’s how you spend the time. Try Bungee jumping Sagana today.


Please note that you have to book and pay to confirm your booking. Show-ups at the camp for Bungee with-out payments, is not a confirmation.

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