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Sagana River Boarding

Ever surfed on the river? No? Then it’s time to try it out at the Rapids Camp, where you can ride the waves of the Sagana River just as people do on the ocean.  On a board which is also attached to your hand for your safety, you lie on your stomach and allow yourself to be carried away by the river waves for a short distance.  Depending on the wind, the waves can move you really fast, or it can be a casual escapade on the lazy river waves.  A thrilling way to get your blood moving with exhilaration!You can learn a lot about a river by walking its course; from its many features, speed and the ‘foot’ prints it leaves behind on it banks.  River trekking gives you a chance to learn all these in a fun way. You get to negotiate muddy banks, traverse pebbly paths and go over rocks that are adjacent to the river.  And when you cannot walk, you can swim too and see what you can on the river bed. The Sagana River offers the perfect place for this type of river activity.This activity is good for Camping folks,corporate team building or even one day excursion for schools trips in Kenya.
At Rapids Camp, this activity can be done at:

Amateur level
Mainly recommended for adventure lovers who do not have previous experience and are willing to go on a walk of about 300m.  It is good for organized groups such as corporate teams or schools groups, camping groups or one day picnic day excursions.

Professional level 
This is mainly recommended for people who have had previous experience in river trekking.  The distance is longer, at about 2 KM, beginning at Rapids falls, past the Sagana glides, angels bowl, the Men’s bathroom until you reach the fathers valley and the mother’s rapids. All these are key points and activities along the river to keep your trek fun and truly exhilarating. All this activities are for fun and adventurous who could build team synergy in Kenya.

To participate in this activity on a professional level, we require each person to sign a waiver.



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