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Unique team activities

Corporate Team Building Kenya

If you are looking for exceptionally motivating and strongly bonding corporate team building, then the team building programme at Rapids Camp is what you are looking for! On a level above all other teambuilding activities run in the country the corporate team building programmes are run and managed by our team building experts to address all the important aspects of a team comprising of communication, planning, trust and strategic thinking all carried out in the serene surroundings near the Sagana River. 

What makes our team building unique is the clever infusion of the naturally occurring elements at the camp to ensure that your team is motivated in a fun and learning environment.  The team building activities incorporate a series of both water and on-ground past times that are all geared to show the importance of teamwork and in the process build a strong team.  In addition the activities also incorporate other inventive pastimes such as Angel’s Bowl, Stress Free Programme and Men’s Bathroom all uniquely created and only available at the Rapids Camp specifically intended to make team building a learning entertainment.

Our experts and our Sagana camp can handle small and large teams for one day or several days depending on your requirements.  The series of team building activities in Kenya is run after your group has had a chance to try out a series of other available activities at the camp including kayaking, bungee jumping and river plunges and many more.Rapids Camp is the heart of team building venue,camping and picnic in Kenya.

Sagana  Camp

It’s the next big thing in Sagana, Kenya....!

What: team building and team bonding

Where: Rapids Camp, Sagana, Kenya

Why: it incorporates unique team building activities that are all geared to show the importance of teamwork and in the process build a strong team in Kenya.All our team buildings are Level 2, away from the ordinary.

How: courtesy of the team building experts at the Rapids Camp, Sagana who have incorporated a series of both water and ground past times that cleverly infuse the naturally occurring elements near the River Sagana and the camp’s creative pastimes that ensure that your team leaves well bonded, motivated and inspired

Who: corporate teams both small and large ranging in size from 2 people to 250 in Kenya.

When: any time you feel the need to bond and build your team

Best teambuilding in Kenya.

Activities in Sagana Kenya for team building.

Sagana white water rafting on Tana river.

Bungee jumping Sagana

Sagana river activities

Kenya corporate functions

Rock climbing in Sagana Kenya.

Camping in Sagana Kenya.

Amazing picnic site in Sagana Kenya.

Schools team building destination in Kenya.

Rapids Camp Sagana has developed the Big 25 idea.

Due to a very unique site Rapids Camp has developed  workable concert for our team buildings in Kenya.

BIG 25 IDEA concept  has the following activities only found at the camp.

The big 25 idea concept  is designed to fast tack team building concepts at the Sagana Rapids.We have indicators put in place to check the performance of every team that conducts team building in our site.Big 25 is the engine that runs our team building levels in Sagana.  Elements that we consider are

  • Group problem solving
  • relationship building
  • trust
  • goal stting
  • planning and group audit
  • competitions
  • communications skills
  • General fitness

The big 25 idea has the following activities for all corporate team building that visit the Rapids Camp.


  • Building the raft
  • cheering medal games.
  •  Sagana river swims competitions
  • Assume the Hippo behind you
  • Mens bathroom
  • Water glides
  • Angles Bowl
  • Stress free programs
  •  Sagana Plunge
  • Rapids Challenge Sagana
  •  Flat water  canoeing Sagana
  • Raft wrestleing
  • Hippo route.(7pm) over night campers
  • crocodile chasers
  • Bucket step
  • Why boys are boys?
  • Rock climbing Sagana
  • Sun-downer natures Sagana
  • Sunrise
  • Sagana local Mutumbwi
  • white water rafting
  • Bungee Kenya
  • Who can dare Sagana
  • Managers brain stormers.
  • Kichawa supu.
  • Jumping the crocodile path(Night time only)

Rapids Camp is best for team building ,camping  and you can now book for your team building out days.



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