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Corporate Team Building in Sagana, Kenya

Kenya's no one team building programs are only one hour away from Nairobi.Be it Camping ,team building or rafting in Sagana , lies a unique camp for corporate adrenaline junkie activities in Kenya.The most important thing in any organization is its employees and how motivated they are to keep increasing their productivity for the growth of the organization. With this in mind, we have provided ample space to companies, Schools,Churches to venture out in natural surroundings to motivate and empower their staff to increased creativity and contribution to  well been the organization. Most team building activities in Kenya, meant to address communication, planning, trust and strategic thinking are best carried out in the kind of serene surroundings that you can only find at Rapids Camp. The Camp facilities are ideal for groups that are as small as 2 people and as large as over 300 people. Depending on the needs and requirements of the organization the team building can be structured in either of the following ways  to fit each group.

Working with Rapids Camp for team building sessions will improve your  team comminication,motivate your employees with our outstanding activities found nowhere else in Kenya.The third benefit is that Rapids Camp will promote Creativity amongest your team ,fouthly our skill in problem solving  will help any team break barriers.We are proud in handing the military and Cilivian groups in Kenya. Our Word is our Bond. We always recommend team building research before you commit.

Please understand that you dont have to spend alot of time on the road travelling especially for a day's team building. Bill is our Team building expert and you can reach him on  +254-719 282 026 and he will be glad to advise you on this important subject!
  1. One Day best  Team building Program Kenya begins at 9am and the group departs at 5pm with such activities as ten ground activities and three river activities.Rapids Camp team building is not only activity driven, but being at Rapids Camp for team building is very fun.Teams play ,have fun,with- in the best grounds so far in  Kenya.You view the the largest waterfall in Kenya,as you play and enjoy. Climb the rocks which are good for amatuers not so technical and safe.Sagana Camp remains a perfect venue for team building in Kenya. Team building fun in Kenya remains at our core heart to offer you the most amazing experence your team can ever receive when doing team building .We can organize a presentation for all our team building activities before you come down to Sagana.Our lawns are well manicured to international standards. Our conference hall has a capacity to host 150 pax seated comfortably.
  2. Overnight Team building Program Kenya : has the same activities as above but also includes other team bonding activities comprising of bon fire, moonlight walk, star gazing and bush breakfast. The Camp is situated  with the most spectacular sites in Sagana. Leave the camp in the evening toward Kiambicho forest with our  Staff camp guides.Rapids Camp has  serene enviroment away from the bassles and hassles of the cities..Sagana Camp venue is not only available for team buildings in Kenya, but  private functions to every Kenyan.
  3. Multi - Day Team Building Acivities Kenya. This is a program that takes several days customized to fit the client needs. This can be discussed and agreed between our team facilitators and our client. This could be school holiday activities, holiday camps or tailor made camps in Kenya.The Muilti -day activities feature rivers like Mathioya ,Maragua  exploring source of this rivers in Aberdare ranges.We leave with an overland truck and drive towards the Aberdare Ranges.
  4. Holiday Team Building Programs Kenya.This is both good for corporate organizations in Kenya,families and international schools.We also conduct team building programs at home,churches,cultural centres with in East Africa.We also conduct tester sessions for fun groups,Chamas team buildings..
  5. More than Gold programs  With our more than Gold program is designed to incorporate different groups  that come out to sagana for different reason.From relaxataion to training or even bonding Sagana camp remains a destination for adventure team building activities in Kenya.Our programs cover the following age groups. 
  6. Kids team building games  .The groups ranges for 5yrs to 12 yrs.There are multiple adventure activites that strengthen and point out leaderships skills to small children.The programs can be conducted during  school sessions  ,weekend or even during holidays.
  7. Teen games team building Kenya.With age,culture dynamics changing in Kenya,Rapids camp Sagana has designed a program for teens in Kenya.Most of our programs tackle out-door adventure and over coming peer pressure.With drugs becoming rampant in the society we establish bonding activities  that serve groups by encouraging way from drugs programs.
  8. Edge groups team building Kenya .This are not tenagers and are not family people.This could be church  or youth groups,Universities in Kenya.We work with Kenya government agencies,international organization together, in adventure activities to facilitate moral standards in families,colleges and even inspire them.
  9. Family team building  adventure games. This  encourages family bonding.Famlies spending nights in tents in Sagana.This programs can take between one night to even several days.Our activities always guarantee fun.Sagana remains the leading adventure destination in Kenya.Whether kayaking,rafting or bungee,famliy rock climbing,river discoveries or even nature walks can improve family ralationships.
  10. Father and sons team building program.We organze father's and son programs,where the theme is to bond.Sons are supposed to learn leadership traits from their fathers.Other destination within the Rapids camp is the  famous Angels bowl pool of popular. Look at Man Enough Global Facebook page with Transform Nations where Rapids Camp is always proud to host over 2000 men every year.
  11. Community sports teams(Kenya) Rapids Camp organizes community sports out-reaches in different parts of Kenya to counter the spread of the HIV &Aids disease and drugs.We organize sports programs,soccer games ,sports clinics for schools,where encourage school groups to participate in sports health programs.We have partnered world sports ministries (England) under the leadership of Grant sheppard from Bath city and the American leading trainer Steve Wiegand who the director of Kids&Teens 519 who has his base in Morton Ilinous.We conduct free team building activities in Kenya and this depends when advance bookings  is made in time.
  12. White water team building activities  .This activities bring teams together and corporate Kenya enjoy one day team building or Multi-day team building activities at our sagana camp.Our 12 km river rafting is one of the most awesome river rafting in East Africa.Our rafting course has different levels ranging from flat water to dangerous grades but very safe.
  13. Kayaking team building  Kenya is gaining ground and become popular.This is not a normal team building and Rapids Camp conducts teambuilding differently from any other team building company in Kenya.We have our own facilitator qualified and police check credentials with ICF Credentials
  14. Day trips team buildings  Kenya. Kenyas Day team building excursions in sagana  are available in less than 2hrs drive from Nairobi.Teams or organized groups can book with us and they can really enjoy day time trips . Conclusion that Rapids Camp offers the most amazing team building activities that no other offers in Central kenya..Just experience the rush junkie in your team .Choose Rapids Camp.
  15. Sagana Crags  day trips The day trips are designed to bring synergies to small and big groups .Rapids Camp will truly enable all groups, irrespective of thier budgets.Surely make a one stop shop at the Rapids Camp with amazing activities in Kenya.Kindly have  look at our levels of team building .

What to note of team building in Kenya

Leadership ,team spirit,synergies,team building,team work,team dynamics,are all great names for team building in Kenya.Different companies also have diffrent approches to team building.We have in door training and  have out doors or experiential team buildings.We also do have seminars and workshops trainings. The tricky part is the organization to know what they want.Is it team building ,or semilar or workshops.

Though team building has different names in Kenya,there is no such thing like" drinking beer all night team building".Team building is about working together ,outside the comfort zone and achieve resuilts. Rapids Camp offers a very suitable location for team building.

Point 1 Location

Team building cannot be effective if carried out at the work place,as some people have suggested before. It requires  a different enviroment and if possible very unique ground ,away from the normal.

Thats why Rapids Camp Sagana is a leading location for team building in Kenya. Change of location should be reflected on the faces of the team building folks. The location is  a catalyst by its self.


What you should never do?.

Never conduct a corporate team building in a primary or high school ground. The impact  is almost nil to the team due to the perception that this is a school not suitable for corporate team building.Please be very careful to get a nice location.Team building companies that offer team building with out a  proper location will not achieve much.

Actually team building is a location by itself. The location will set the theme before any Ice breakers,  then team building follows.

Point 2  Activities.

When conducting team buiilding in Kenya, ask yourself the question or ask what activities?.If there are no out-door activities or are only 2 to 3 activities then you should now have known the impact of such team buildings is almost nil. you require to  plan again.

Point 3 Acessability.

Acessability  is key to planning a team building event in Kenya.Rapids Camp is just only two hrs from Nairobi and very close to other major towns in Kenya ,like Nakuru,Meru ,Embu, Thika, Nanyuki,Machakos ! If you will use half of the time on road to reach your team building destination then that is a well not thought out  program.

Point 4 Budget.

Very expensive team buildings in Kenya, or very cheap one sometime do not achieve much. They may a have some impact on the team ,but that doesnt mean that the whole purpose of holding a team building training will be successful. Cost effective team buildings are measured by the the number of activities and the costs in total to achieve the objectives. Be careful and look at list of activities that may be involved.Activities like rafting in Sagana,Canoeing,plunge ,diving,stress free programs,camping ,river swims,Hippo route,bungee are all very unique and give the team an extra mile compared to usual ground workor drygrounds  team buildings in Kenya.


We also organize other team building programs

1. Community games Kenya

Global community games consists of Kids games in Sagana.We have kids games ,especially to children under 12 yrs.This could be fun games ,biking the Sagana terrein or even safe river adventures.All our activities have a trained guide and utmost care is taken.We also have arange of community activities for churches and other religions too oin Kwnya.

2.Teens activities

In Kernya teengers are a very especial group.We the rapid growth of internert related society which some time leads teenagers to bad habbits Rapids Camp Sagana has a special team building program for kids.out of school holiday sessions are organized to cater for all tenagers We also have canoe class available at our camp.This could be one or multi -days out of school sessions which encourage teen team building in Kenya. Not only teens  in Kenya but  kids who are 4 yrs and above can fit well at the Rapids Camp.

3.Family Games

Due to its unique location plus a bunch of adventure activities ,Sagana is a destination by its self.Sagana is the king of adventure in Kenya.If on overseas trip or thro local arrangements,Sagana Kenya is the place.Good for Family team building in Kenya.

4.People of sports

Rapids Camp was previlleged to host to major African canoe championships in 2008 and 2014 .People of sports especially water sports from Africa pitch camp in Sagana for training.Thats works well in Kenya for team building.


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