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Levels of team building Kenya

Team Building  Levels at Rapids Camp

Rapids camp is dedicated to offer a new beginning in team building in Kenya away from the traditional ways of building teams.

We have packaged our team building program to suite any corporate in Kenya with affordability and quality in mind. Our levels of team building are suitably structured to assist your organization to keep the team spirit and motivation high. Included in the various packages are programs geared to tackle trust, communication, enhance synergies and add value and commitment to the teams in your organization. All this is offered in 2 levels comprising of a variety of packages.

Our team building solutions are applicable and customized to any group ranging from schools, companies, international bodies and government agencies. Rapids Camp facilitators are working with groups from South Africa, England and USA to keep honing skills in team building practices through various exchange programs.

We also have amazing opportunities for family and friends bonding activities. The children skills programs are also on offer on request.


Levels of Team Building

Rapids Camp Level 1 Team Building

This is a one day event and includes a number of combinations of ground and water activities on offer at Sagana, consisiting of:

1.  10 ground activities and 2 river activities (men’s bathroom and stress free program)

2.  10 ground activities with 3 river activities (men’s bathroom, stress free program and Sagana water glides)

3. 10 ground activities and 3 adventure water activities (kayaking, tubing and river boarding)

4. 2 water activities: kayaking and water fall plunge

5  1 water activity: white water rafting

7. Thrill ground and water activities: white water rafting, kayaking bungee jumping

8. Team building grounds only with your own facilitators


Rapids Camp Level 2 Team Building 

This is a 2 day event and includes a number of combinations of ground and water activities on offer at Sagana, such as:

1.10 ground activities, camping and moonlight walk

2. 10 ground activities, camping, moonlight walk and 2 river activities (men’s bathroom and stress free program)

3. 10 ground activities, camping, moonlight walk and 3 river activities (men’s bathroom, stress free program and water glides)

4. 10 ground activities, camping, moonlight walk and 3 adventure water activities(kayaking, river boarding and Sagana river tubing)

5. Kayaking and camping

6  1 water activity (white water rafting or kayaking) and camping

7. Thrill ground and water activities (white water rafting, kayaking and bungee jumping) and camping

With our proximity to the City, only a 2 hour drive on the Thika super highway, Rapids Camp is indeed the best choice for a well needed out-of-town team building session.

The different levels of team building are priced differently but all have the overall objective to give quality service with affordability in mind. Kindly email us for the rates.


What team building in Kenya must look like!

1.Team building must be Fun.

2.Team building must have experential learning.

3.Team building must have  levels.

4.Team building must adventurous.

5.Team building must not be like a workshop. We avoid flip charts.

6.Must raise adrenaline.

7.Must bring team work.


Our Rapids Camp team building in Kenya approach!

Rapids Camp team building programs have a common sense approach and teams are required to think through the program and we realy emphasize team work in our activities .We do not recommed writing of notes during our team building sessions because our team buildings are experiential learning.Our also adopt the FAT program approach.Our facilitators will take you thorgh the programs and our team building will end with a general de-brief!

Our team building in Kenya programs have also 5 stages out look.

STAGE 1. Team forming.

STAGE 2. Storming.


STAGE 4.Performing

STAGE 5. Adjouning

Be the best you  can with Sagana Rapids facilitators.



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