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Our Special Deals


Kenya Special Team Building

Get 12 dry ground activities plus 2 river activities worth Ksh 8700/= pp for Ksh. 4950/= pp and save 4050/=.

Book now and get served with buffet lunch with a drink and free conference hall and free tea. We provide our facilitator for this deal.

Stress Free Team Building

Build up your team with 12 ground activities, 3 water activities namely, stress free, water glides, angels bowl and Men’s bathroom. With this package, you will enjoy Barbeque Lunch, two teas (10 0clock and 4 pm tea) and a free conference hall (subject to availability) plus team building facilitator and water guides. The deal is worth Ksh 9500/= pp but get it for Ksh. 5200/= pp and save 4300/=
Call now for bookings and reservations.

Sagana Special

Team training is essential enjoy, 10 ground activities, teambuilding facilitator, and 3 river activities including (gheckos, plunge, waterfall challenge). This deal has buffet Lunch, free transport, free conference hall, free water guides. kumbucha tea is available at ksh 100 per mug. The deal is worth Ksh 9999/= pp get it for Ksh. 6800/= pp and save 3100/=
Call now for bookings and reservations.
The minimum number per pax for this deal is 7 pax.

Water Only Team Building

Nothing Bonds better than water. Get the water bonding team building adventures worth Ksh. 6050/= per pax for Ksh. 4,999/= per person and save up to Ksh. 1051/=.

Book now the 7 River team building Activity deal including 40 ft. Plunge, Waterfall Challenge, Sagana Gheckos, Angel Bowl, Water Glide, Men’s Bathroom and Stress free programs.

Come for the Ghecko for your chance to see swimming tilapia, eel and cat fish and have your Buffet Lunch.


Grounds Experential Team Building

Clinch the grounds experiential team building activity limited to grounds only going for Ksh. 5400/= but pay 4400/= pp and save Ksh. 1000/=. The Package is inclusive of team building trainer/facilitator, 12 ground activities, buffet lunch, free conference facility and two teas (10 am and 4 o’clock tea).

Mabeshte Team Building

Are you willing to go river swimming or you are water phobic? Restart your spirit of advanture with the startling water sports including swimming, water glides. Angels Bowl, Mens Bathroom and the Waterfall Challenge.

Bring on your team and have free conference hall, buffet lunch, and two teas. Don’t miss out this exciting opportunity.

Get this deal for 5000 pp and save ksh 6500. For reservation call 0722308026

Ground For Hire Team Building

Hire our grounds going for Ksh. 850/= per person but pay Ksh 699/= and save more. Come with your own meals or buy A la Carte for Ksh. 850/= per person per plate or Buffet at Ksh 1450/=.


Zipline Team Building Bond

Get a huge discount for team building and fun adventure across Rapids Fall and save huge.

Book the zip line bond deal worth Ksh 7,550/= per person for Ksh. 5,499/= per person and save Ksh. 2051/=.

Make reservations to enjoy 10 ground plus 1 water team building activity, zip line adventure, Buffet Lunch and 2 teas.

Kenya Special Overnight Team Building

Spend a night and two days bonding with your team in a tented accommodation on sharing arrangement at Rapids Camp.

Get a deal worth Ksh 15,100/= for Ksh. 7000/= per pax and save Ksh. 8101/= experience hard to forget adventure for two days including 12 ground activities, Full Board Meals, Buffet Lunch and Choma Dinner Evening Moonlight walk, Sundowner Tea on top of Rapid Hills, Sundowner Breakfast next to Rapids Waterfall, Plus 2 water activities and Bonfire

The dinner is African Dish with Nyama Choma, Ugali and Salad. Minimum number of participants for Corporates is 10 pax and individual is 6 pax.


Transport bus is available 14 seater executive bus @ ksh 14,000 while 7 seater van is available @ ksh 9,000 and optional professional photographer @ ksh 4,000/=.

White Water Rafting Deal

Have you had all the rafting dash, enjoy, can of worms, canoe fights, rapids over glide, kayaking, waterfall challenge, plunge, raft flips and river bungee in the full White water rafting, Pay sh7,200pp for 3 hours of rafting on 12 kilometers of river and get free lunch at the Rapids camp Save sh2050 pp! This is residents cost!
Nonresidents will enjoy at 80 USD.
The minimum number is 2 pax

NB: For groups of (8 to 14 pax), Get FREE transport from Nairobi
Ask for Full whitewater rafting + free lunch and transport from Nairobi and back at a friendly rate of ksh 7200 for residents saving ksh 3050 and nonresidents will enjoy at 85 USD.
Minimum number for transport is 8 pax.


Sagana Flip Experience

Do you want to spend a night away from home and testing your spirit of adventure and adrenaline rush? Get the rafting deal + Camping and free dinner and free breakfast at Ksh. 10,000 per person. Enjoy, can of worms, canoe fights, and rapids over glide, kayaking, waterfall challenge, plunge, raft flips and river bungee in the full White water rafting experience. This is a resident fee for nonresidents pay 120 USD.

For this deal with transport arrangements Residents will pay Ksh. 10,500 per person while nonresidents will pay 125 USD. Book now for reservations.


Climbers Deal/Package

Do you want the cannoning feeling? Engage our experts for the drop thrill, the 35ft Sagana Abseils, Via fereta, 40 ft plunge, Scenic Zipline, free lunch, free entrance and a day of adventure worth ksh 12550 pp but going for ksh 7999 and save ksh 4551.

Join our experts for entertaining enjoyment, a day of climbing boulders, scenic 250 meters of zipline in Kenya, adventure water sport. Every cool person is doing stuff for cool people. This is new, cool, hot and most amazing.

1 Day Adventures (Friends Package)

Plunge the Rapids Falls 40ft, water glides, kayaking, water fall challenge plus Entrance fee  and Alarcate Lunch,going for sh6350 - Special offer for only sh4600ppSave sh1750pp!

Multi-day Activities

Camp 2 Nights 3Days at the Rapids camp plus many activities. Get the sunrise walk, moonlight walk, mini rafting, waterfall challenge plus the plunge. Full board basis normally at sh12,950pp. Get the deal at sh9,000pp. Save sh3,950per pax!


Furaha Deal

It is Time to enjoy more of zip line. Get this deal for ksh 8000 pp instead of Ksh 11950 and save 3950 and enjoy camping for one night and two days, meals full board, zip line, Kayaking, waterfall challenge and plunge.

Jibambe Deal!!!

One of the most exciting experience at the RAPIDS CAMP! Amazing waterfall coffee at the Rapids Bridge. No other Fun Experience like this. Get to be served at rapids waterfall bridge. Dinner and waterfall breakfast only at the Rapids Camp. Deal is one night on full board basis plus ACTIVITIES going for Ksh 8999 per Person.

1 night, 2 days Night: Adrenaline Junkie

Kayaking + Plunge  + waterfall challenge + Camping  + meals  full board going  Get the deal for sh6, 000ppSave sh 2,950pp!  Just  a perfect deal for friends!

Maridadi Deal

Get the mother of all Adventure and Camping Deals. Spend 3 nights 4 days camping at Rapids Camp Sagana.

Enjoy the Home Away from Home Deal, which has full board meals, camping and loads of adventures like waterfall challenge, kayaking the moonlight walk, mini-rafting, 40ft plunge and sunrise walk, Gheckos, Full Rafting and 2 Nights-bonfire adventures for Ksh 12,999/= per person and save Ksh 6,501

NB  - For groups of (8 to 14 pax), Get FREE transport from Nairobi

1 Night -  2 Days: Water Rafting Full Board

White water rafting camping deal Pay sh8,500pp for rafting on full board basis for one night at the Rapids Camp and Save sh 3,150 pp!

NB  - For groups of (8 to 14 pax), Get FREE transport from Nairobi


Celebrate Waterside Birthday

Why Wait for Bottled water when you can shower in a river? Get a unique birthday deal worth Ksh 4850 for ksh 2999 and save ksh 1850. Get this deal to enjoy a 40 ft plunge, Gheckos and stress free programmes at the mighty Sagana River and a waterfall challenge with your friends.

The deal includes entrance and free lunch. Enjoy your big day in style with friends and your loved ones.

Family Challenge

How connected are you to your Hubby? Bond with your spouse for one night and two days in one of the most magnificent scenery places in Kenya.

Get involved in cooking with your love and tell stories at night by bonfire and spend your day kayaking, plunging and the waterfall challenge for Ksh 6,999pp improve your marriage. For reservations and bookings call 0722308026

Via Ferrata Deal

How much fit are you? Engage in all physical sport at Rapids Camp Sagana. For ksh 3999 pp get Abseiling, Rock Climbing, Bouldering, Lunch and Tea. Climb down that waterfall like a pro. Spend time with your friends, family and colleagues having fun all day.

Get this deal for 3,999 pp and save ksh 2150. For reservation call 0722308026


Kula Nyama Choma (Tumbukiza)

Get the Tumbukiza deal worth Ksh 5200pp for Ksh 3000pp and save ksh 2200. Spend your whole day doing three river activities including Sagana Gheko, River Swimming, and Water Glide and fill your belly with plenty of Nyama Choma.

It is official we are the leading adventure deals company in Kenya. KUJA ULE NYAMA CHOMA JUU YA MAJI literally.


Father and Son

Have you ever tried teaching your son man stuff and you can’t because they (mother & sisters) keep on interfering? Spend a night out camping, educating and bonding and a day full of adventures. Get the father and son special deal and talk to your son about life issues while taking a waterfall challenge, plunge, kayaking, mini-rafting and moonlight walk.

Spend Ksh. 13,999/= for both instead of Ksh 18,600/= and save up to ksh 4,601/= and get the needed time to catch up with you son after school consumes his time. Meals are full board plus 10:00 am picnic tea and 4:00 pm waterfall coffee. Cakes are available at additional cost.


2 Nights -  3 Days: Honey Moon Super Deal at the Rapids Camp! (TUNAWESMAKE!)

Tell a friend to tell a friend…… Amazing offer!

Enjoy a 2 nights 3 days honeymoon package camping next to the massive Sagana Camp waterfall! Full board basis plus activities waterfall challenge, mini rafting, the 40ft plunge, moonlight walk, Sagana gheckos, sunrise walk, kayaking. Breakfast served next to Rapids camp waterfall Can’t afford to miss this at only sh10,999 pp! This deal is also applicable to that special friend too.

This deal has free zipline.

Candlelit / Engagement Deal + Camping (FUNGUA ROHO!)

Surprise the love of your heart with a proposal and/or that long awaited candle lit dinner at the William’s Island located at the heart of Sagana River, only at the Rapids Camp at sh7,500 per person on full board basis inclusive of kayaking, Sagana gheckos and the plunge!


1 Night -  2 Days: Rapids Family KULA KULA Retreat + Camping (MOTO SANA!)

For a family of 6pax get the deal for your loved ones 1 night 2 days on full board basis with plenty of barbecue, a full rafting in Kenya trip, the 40ft plunge, angel’s bowl, moonlight walk, sunrise walk and rock climbing. Enjoy your bush breakfast in front of the massive Rapids camp waterfall under a misty cool breeze. Get the deal at only ksh49,999  per family.  Save KSH24,951

Remember, we offer free transport to a family within 110km radius from Sagana and from Nairobi.

Merry Christmas Escape

Camp out on Christmas Eve and break the monotony of Christmas in Ushago or Coast with your friends and family at Rapids Camp doing Moonlight Walk.

Get huge Christmas discounts to up to 38% to enjoy an array of Christmas mouthwatering delicacies including Buffet Lunch and Dinner and Full Board Meals. Remember to ask for your Christmas Choma!

Spend Christmas Day with Friends doing waterfall Challenge, the Plunge, Sagana Gheckos. Get Christmas deal worth Ksh 9000/= for Ksh 6,499/=.


New Year's Eve

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Ruka mwaka Kiplan.

Come and experience the Largest Bonfire during the Happy New Year Eve at Rapids Camp Sagana.

Take your time out with your friends and family camping, doing a moonlight walk and lots more for Ksh 6,499/= instead of paying Ksh 9000/= and save Ksh 2501/=. Spend your First Day of the year with Friends doing waterfall Challenge, the Plunge, Sagana Gheckos and Kayaking.



Transport bus is available 14 seater executive bus @ ksh 14,000 while 7 seater van is available @ ksh 9,000 and optional professional photographer @ ksh 4,000/=.

Kids Boot Camp

What do you intend to do with your Child this long holiday? Let your kid spend 3 days and 2 nights acquiring special life skills at Rapids Camp Sagana including team building, discipline, interpersonal skills, cleanliness, tent pitching, composite making and storytelling.

Occupy your child’s mind with adventures such as kayaking, plunge, full rafting, nature walks and rock climbing.

Spend ksh, 8,999/= per child and let your child socialize with others meet up life realities through visiting local schools and so much more. Minimum for single group is 4 pax and a group of 10 will get one free. It is open for ages 8-17 years.


Schools & Churches


Man Enough



Transport bus is available 14 seater executive bus @ ksh 14,000 while 7 seater van is available @ ksh 9,000 and optional professional photographer @ ksh 4,000/=.

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