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Budget Camping Kenya

Affordable Camping in Kenya .

Budget Camping:
Here are some tips on how to camp on budget for you next camping trip?. Camping is already an inexpensive alternative to other vacations but here are some camping tips to ensure you stay within your camping budget. You don’t have to compromise fun for cheap budget camping. At the Rapids Sagana are many ways to get around spending a fortune on your camping trip. It does take a bit of thought and research but if you’re prepared to do that, it’s likely you will come out of it a winner .We keep our over heads very low to keep our customers very happy. Camping at the Rapids Camp isn’t a business but a life style?

Camping as a Budget Hobby in Kenya
Camping in Kenya does not have to be expensive! In fact if you’re camping trips costs more than a destination vacation you are doing something wrong! We give consideration to our all clients. We do not have hidden costs and all is inclusive at the Rapids Camp.

Camping as a Lifestyle in Kenya
Those who understand Camping in Kenya, will surely agree that Camping has become life style in Kenya. At Rapids Camp we over emphasized that families can take serious holiday sessions and enjoy serene holiday package by taking camping as preferred family activity in Sagana Kenya.

Budget Camping For Everyone in Kenya
Camping has been an all time favourite experience for many, regardless of age and location, budget camping is for everyone. It is also the best solution for a family to spend some quality time together. Far from the noisy streets and crowded malls, camping allows you to spend quality time with your family and loved ones. Good company, nature and the wild are the only companions around you. At the Rapids Camp, you can camp next to the thundering magnificent waterfall.

Budget Camping in Kenya , affordable  Vacation
Camping is one of the most fun, memorable, and inexpensive trips you can take in Kenya. Get away from the rush of the big city and the costs of amusement parks or expensive flights and spend some quality time with loved ones in the jungle. You can save money by taking camping trips in Sagana which are in-expensive and most affordable way enjoying holiday. Camping works very well with Corporate, Families, Schools trips or organized trips. Especially folks doing team building in Kenya , Camping is the best way of bonding for any team . To folks who have previously selected camping at the Rapids Camp will sure testify  that camping at our Sagana camp is more than ordinary camping in Kenya


More on Camping in  Kenya

Have you even been involved in a camping trip lately.Camping is, not only affordable in the eyes of many due to low over head cost but, the freedom  the activity gives to individuals!.Are you open minded to meeting  preplanned adventure trip ahead of you?that is what am talking about!but to make it more exciting unlike hotel life ,camping trips will give variety.You can easily choose a location of you choice unlike other modes of accommodation.

Now let talk of the team leader.Going for adventure camping trip requires the initiator or the trip leader.He or she puts together the trip by putting together team mates and comparing notes before and after the trip.The Camping trip leader will come up with the list of requirements ,food etc reminding the team not forget personal  effects.

Team leader ensures discipline is maintained through out the trip.Cost is shared among the comrades in camping adventure trips especially in Kenya.When guys leave for Rapids Camp through the Thika super highway is amazing trip.Enjoy your trip being a team trip leader which is a privileged.What  trip leader should check out  when leading a trip?

Before the departure they should have what i call a trip  open brief and he or she should assign responsibility to the teams . Who to buy what and where and when, should be the formulae to keep guys together a save travel time. All the dont’s should be spelt out in hand to avoid trip arguments or politics. Costs  should communicated to the teams in advance and remember its always important to let folks know that its safe to carry extra money for any eventualities.The last and not the least is from my own experience.

Remember to have the next of kin numbers for any emergency  that may arise during you trip.But this should be communicate well that all manner safety will be observed.At the Rapids Camp Sagana we have  what is called check in form which guides us to understand who is  who  coming to camp in Sagana.

If you plan a adventure trip in  Kenya ,then Rapids Camp has what it takes!.


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