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Global community Games

 Global Community Games at Rapids Camp, Sagana 

Rapids Camp in Sagana is the first camping site in Kenya to offer the Global Community Games, the fun way of bringing groups and communities together to grow and inculcate values, compassion, creativity, leadership, involvement and action. 

The Camp in Sagana provides the best grounds for the various categories of the Global Community Games including KidsGames, TeenGames, FamilyGames and EdgeGames.  This is because Rapids Camp is located near the great Sagana River in Kenya where the sports and games comprise of both water and ground activities.  In addition the serene and spacious grounds provide an adequate environment to ensure that this value based games are explored to the fullest both in adventure sports such as rafting, rock climbing and river plunges; and the more leisurely activities like picnics and river swims.

Rapids Camp also has fully trained Global Community Games facilitators in the 5 categories.

KidsGames is a sports and values based program for 6-14 year olds.  A series of sports and other value based activities are designed at the Camp in Sagana to equip the children with such skills as leadership, communication, discipline and hardwork.  Some of the activities include river treks, river swims, forest hikes and camping which are complemented with other relevant activities as cooking and cleaning. This initiative serves as a good Out-of-School-Programme for the kids in primary school when on holiday.

TeenGames for teenagers up to around 18 years of age is an innovative sports initiative that connects teenagers and the communities in which they live. TeenGames are organized as multi-day, multi-group, sports based program aimed at positively impacting teenagers. At the Camp in Sagana, Kenya the teenagers are involved in a series of activities that include rock climbing, nature walks, rafting and many more.

FamilyGames is a sports and games initiative to strengthen and support the bonds in a family. Families get to spend quality time together through sport and values discovery with the old, including grandparents, and the young, including the youngest grandchild, actively taking part.  The sports and activities encourage communication and working together as a family unit. At Rapids Camp in Kenya there are a variety of team bonding and team building activities, with our expert facilitators, to make the family games fun, informative and motivational.

EdgeGames involves a global sports and creative arts initiative for young adults and university students aged 18 – 30. At the Camp in Sagana the young adults can gather for a camp which combines sports, creative arts, music and media with character building, leadership training, and community building. EdgeGames aims at encouraging the young adults to have dreams and to work towards achieving them, in the hope that they become a strong influence and support within their circle of influence.

Rapids Camp is place for team building,Kayaking,camping,picnic and rafting in Kenya.Our very unique activities.


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