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Rapids Plunge Kenya

Rapids Camp Punge

Imagine free falling at high speed and plummeting down the 40ft plunge at Rapids falls; what a rush! This activity is only fit for those who dare. Proper safety measures are observed and our trained staff is at hand at all times to make even the most fearful person in your group feel the adrenaline rush!

All this is good for Camping, picnic or team bonding in Kenya. This is the only Plunge in Kenya at the Rapids Camp good for Kayaking adventures or group activity.Imagine your group doing all the activities at our Sagana Camp.Amazing Mens bathroom to stress free programs,to water glides,to the river swims,to the famous rapids plunge in our very own waterfall.What a day can be at the Rapids.Life full of adventure.All safety precutions are undertaken by the trained staff.Fun is guaranteed.Assume the risk ,just try it only at our Sagana Camp where fun is guaranteed.

Plunge activity for team building and fun groups,camping,picnic  in Kenya.



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