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Deals Sagana

Zipline is spectacular!

Rapids camp has one of the most spectacular Zipline in Africa. This Zipline cuts across the magnificent rapids waterfall

If you are a family or a corporate, this is your only opportunity to experience the adrenaline that you can not find anywhere else.

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Fantastic Birthday Deal & Activities!

Are you looking for a unique birthday getaway……give your loved ones a memorable birthday at the Rapids camp Sagana. Get this birthday surprise deal inclusive of entrance, waterfall challenge, 40ft plunge and lunch at only sh3500pp. Save sh1250 Birthday cakes available from sh3999

2 Nights -  3 Days: Honey Moon Super Deal at the Rapids Camp! (TUNAWESMAKE!)

Tell a friend to tell a friend…… Amazing offer!

Enjoy a 2 nights 3 days honeymoon package camping next to the massive waterfall! Full board basis plus activities waterfall challenge, mini rafting, the 40ft plunge, moonlight walk, Sagana gheckos, sunrise walk, kayaking. Breakfast served next to Rapids camp waterfall Can’t afford to miss this at only sh12,500 pp! This deal is also applicable to that special friend too…..

Candlelit / Engagement Deal + Camping (FUNGUA ROHO!)

Surprise the love of your heart with a proposal and/or that long awaited candle lit dinner at the William’s Island located at the heart of Sagana River, only at the Rapids Camp at sh7,500 per person on full board basis inclusive of kayaking, Sagana gheckos and the plunge!

1 Night -  2 Days: Rapids Family KULA KULA Retreat + Camping (MOTO SANA!)

For a family of 6pax get the deal for your loved ones 1 night 2 days on full board basis with plenty of barbecue, a full rafting in Kenya trip, the 40ft plunge, angel’s bowl, moonlight walk, sunrise walk and rock climbing. Enjoy your bush breakfast in front of the massive Rapids camp waterfall under a misty cool breeze. Get the deal at only ksh49,999  per family.  Save KSH24,951

1 Night -  2 Days: Water Rafting

White water rafting camping deal Pay sh7,200pp for rafting and Lunch get free camping night  out at the Rapids camp  Save sh1800pp!

1 Day Adventures

Plunge the Rapids falls 40ft, water glides, kayaking, water fall challenge plus Entrance fee  and Alarcate Lunch,going for sh6350 - Special offer for only sh4600ppSave sh1750pp!

1 night ,2 days Night: Adrenaline Junkie

Kayaking + Plunge  + waterfall challenge + Camping  + meals  full board going  Get the deal for sh6 000ppSave sh2950pp!  Just  a perfect deal for friends!

Multi-day Activities

Camp 2 Nights 3Days at the Rapids camp plus many activities. Get the sunrise walk, moonlight walk, mini rafting, waterfall challenge plus the plunge. Full board basis normally at sh12,950pp. Get the deal at sh9,000pp. Save sh3,950per pax!

Kula Nyama Choma (Tumbukiza)

Kula nyama choma + day picnic + three river activity (sagana river swims, water glides, sagana ghekos) at sh3300pp and pay sh2500pp every  Saturday. Save 800pp!


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